Unacceptable items


there certainly are any number of words we use to describe the same thing:
items that you want to get rid of from your home or garage.

Unacceptable Items

For safety and health reasons, we cannot take some items.
The following items cannot be picked up

loose trash / tires    oil and paint    ashes and dirt
Debris from construction and demolition, including discarded building
supplies (such as drywall, roofing, bricks, stone, roofing material and wood).

Trees, large tree limbs or tree stumps

Brush and vegetation created by building contractors,
commercial tree and lawn services

Sod, fill dirt, and trash from a contractor's clearing work,
including other refuse that require special handling.

Explosives      Radioactive materials

Tanks used for storing propane and other gasses.

Medical, pathological and biological waste.

Automotive parts (such as engines, gas tanks, rear ends, springs, fenders, seats)

Farm equipment, marine vessels or any of their major parts.

Septic, human and animal waste
(note:  minimal amounts, like diapers and litter, are okay
provided they are securely bagged within the actual trash bag/container)

If you leave anything that we can't legally pick up,
we will leave any informational tag