Grove Residential Customers

Our mission is to provide service consistent with the waste removal needs of our customers and to enhance the partnership between the customer and the company. Our mission requires a commitment to quality, safety and education from our staff and employees.

Our friendly drivers are a familiar sign in every neighborhood we serve. 
The Bernice Sanitation name is synonymous with dependable residential collections. Bernice Sanitation's services go far beyond the familiar residential focus. The same quality customer care of residential services is found in programs for all businesses.  Even companies with multiple locations depend on our multifaceted services.

Trash must be in a garbage container of 33, 45 or 96 gallons or approved plastic or paper bags closed at the top.
Maximum weight per container is 70 pounds.

Yard debris and Building / Home Improvements are also picked up when they are bundled no longer than 3 foot in length or placed in a 33-gallon container. 

Each household is allowed up to 190 gallons COMBINED of solid waste, yard debris or home improvements.

Click Here for more details on what is accepted  

Make sure your trash is placed curbside no later than 6 a.m. on your collection day.
If you have street pickup, remember to put your trash next to the curb
haulers are not allowed to enter your property.

Standard plastic trash bags, leaving enough room above the
bag's closure so the hauler can pick up the bag without damaging the bag.

Metal or plastic trash cans with handles and lids
Thanks for following these requirements...
We want to safely and securely get your trash as much as you want it away from you and yours.  That way, our entire community becomes cleaner and healthier

If you leave anything that we can't legally pick up,
we will leave an informational tag

Grove Residents Only