There certainly are any number of words we use to describe the same thing:
items that you want to get rid of from your home or garage.

We will pick up the following acceptable items...

‚ÄčThanks for following these requirements...
We want to safely and securely get your trash as much as you want it away from you and yours.  
That way, our entire community becomes cleaner and healthier

Trash Pickup Schedules
The standard trash pick-up workday is between 6am and 6pm but please remember:
 while trash pick-up routes, over time, tend to follow the same schedule,
there are times when a day could change.  A new crew, or someone covering for
a vacation, might run a route differently:  also, trash trucks break down, causing a delay
while another truck is dispatched to finish your route...

Please don't report trash not picked up until after 2 pm: if it has been missed,
please contact 918-256-7085

Standard household garbage includes food waste and cloth.

How must it be set out?

Make sure your trash is placed curbside no later than 6 a.m. on your collection day.
If you have street pickup, remember to put your trash next to the curb.
Our haulers are not allowed to enter your property.

What are acceptable trash containers?

Please use standard plastic trash bags, leaving enough room above the
bag's closure so the hauler can pick up the bag without damaging the bag.

Metal or plastic trash cans with handles and lids

Acceptable Items

The Following Is For Grove Residents Only

Shrubbery Cuttings:  Tie small limbs and twigs (NO larger than 4" in diameter) in bundles. 
Bundles must be no larger than 2 ' in diameter X 3 ' in length. 
A bundle size is a typical lawn and garden bag. IE: (33 Gallons) 
(Each bundle counts as one bag/container.)

Empty Boxes:  Flatten and tie them into bundles for pickup.
(Each bundle counts as one bag/container.)

Cardboard boxes, other corrugated containers, torn trash bags and grocery-store bags
are not proper containers.  Boxes won't hold up in rainy or wet conditions and
plastic bags won't protect trash from damage by animals or weather.